Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution with Admin Panel ionic 3 and Laravel

12 key features to make your salon business successful

Are you still using pen and paper appointment book at your salon business? If you haven’t started using Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution then your salon is missing out lots of benefits. Nowadays, more and more salons are moving forward using the latest technology. As a business owner, you must be aware of the importance of online booking software and its perks. By using appointment booking solution you can save a lot of precious time and focus on your salon business.

Our booking solution will help you to achieve greater efficiency and increased profitability. In the salon app, we have provided all the great tools you need to run your salon. Online booking is an amazing way to move your business forward. So that you can have more bookings with fewer efforts.

Now you can streamline your operations with our sophisticated features mentioned below:

1 Main Dashboard

In our Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution, you can track all the activities of your salon from the dashboard. You can have summarized detail about users, employees, services, and appointments. You can even check out the details about week’s schedule of appointments so that you can plan your activities accordingly. The main dashboard allows you to access the important information of your salon.

2 Appointment

Your clients don’t need to call you anymore. Even you will not need pen and paper anymore. From your salon booking system, clients can book their appointment anytime and anywhere. From appointment feature, you can check out the client’s detail, chosen services, an employee appointed for service, date & time of appointment, the time duration of service, payment status and internal note if a client has mentioned any. With our salon app, you can handle clients’ appointment at ease. In admin panel, you can even add new appointments. Otherwise clients’ booking will be automatically placed in the appointment feature.

3 Easy to group services in categories

Usually, salons offer variety of services along with expert team members. With category option, you can easily categorize your services like nail arts, massages, hair care, facial treatments, etc. By categorizing services, clients will be able to find the specific service they are looking for more easily and effortlessly. From the admin panel, you can even change the status of the category if it’s not available by disabling it. You can add more categories as well.   

4 Employee Management

Employee feature enables you to keep track of your staff’s detail. You can store personal details of your employees on booking solution such as name, email ID and their specialty for specific services. You can even mention the time availability of stylists so that clients can choose their favorite stylist accordingly. You might have noticed that usually clients book the appointment with people, not the time. Your regular clients will choose their favorite stylists only. With employee feature, effective staff management becomes possible. Due to salon business expansion, you can even add more employees to the salon app.

5 Showcase services

Your services are what you sell to your customers. Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution lets you add unlimited services offered by your salon. You can specify the services by choosing respective categories. Moreover, clients will be able to check out the availability of stylist for specific service, along with price and duration required for the service. Even customers will have the benefit of earning more points by choosing specific service of your salon. You can enable multiple services to be booked at once.

6 Customer information

Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution allows customers to create their own profile. In customer feature, you will be able to access the data of clients’ personal information such as name, gender, email ID, and phone number. With this basic information, you will be able to stay connected with your clients to send them latest offers and reminders too. You can even search for specific customers’ name in the search box provided in the admin panel. You can edit the information of the customer to update new contact information provided by them. Management of customer data becomes much easier with the salon app.

7 Gallery

With gallery feature, you will be able to showcase extraordinary infrastructure of your salon. If your salon is beautifully furnished with world-class infrastructure and advanced facilities then don’t forget to click some photographs of salon and upload it. Your salon’s facility and infrastructure can make client’s experience – the best experience ever. Therefore, let your customers explore the gallery and tempt them to visit your salon.

8 Before – After

How do you let your customers know about great efficiency and expertise provided by your salon? Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution provides the popular feature of “Before – After” where you can upload before – after images of your previous clients. This way you can promote before – after images to make a strong impression online. You can even categorize your images by choosing service name. Before – after feature has turned out to be a true game changer and effective marketing strategy for salon business.

9 Complete appointment

Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution will make online appointment booking easier. Suppose, you want a  perfect report of all appointments including detail such as – customer name, employee name, selected service, date & time, internal note and payment status. Where will you look for it? Complete appointment feature dashboard provides all above-mentioned detail. You can just click on the complete appointment feature and get access to required information of appointment.

10 Time Slot

In salon business, the most difficult thing is the time schedule. Customers will choose different time slot as per their convenience and requirements. Moreover, each of your employees will be occupied in serving the client as per their selected time slot. Our Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution provide various time slot to choose from. You can disable some of the time duration if at that time employees are not available. Therefore, customers will be able to choose another time duration for specific service from a specific employee.

11 Push notification

Push notification is the effective way to stay connected with your clients. You can send a push notification to your customers about the schedule to confirm the appointment. This way push notification option will help to reduce no-shows in your salon business. You can even send out information about offers or to introduce new services through an automated message. Sending birthday wish through a push notification will also create a good impression among clients. You can send a push notification to specifically chosen clients or all of your clients.

12 Special offer

Every customer loves special offers. You can create special offers, discount offers, bring a friend offer, the festival offers and many more to attract clients. You can promote offers for the specific time. After that, you can disable the offer. Design attractive offer images to grab client’s attention. Keep providing offers to increase your salon business.

Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution will help you to accomplish many things that are otherwise difficult to manage. It is a win-win for you and your customers as well. As it offers many benefits to everyone and saves time as well as resources.

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