Style & Smile [ API + Mobile Apps ]


Style & Smile [ API + Mobile Apps ]

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1 simple scheduling

Manage your bookings with ease

Manage customers, move or cancel bookings and contact customers directly through efficient dashboard we have created for you. We have created this software while keeping in mind one thing – to make your customers coming back. Customers can easily schedule appointments and salon owners can manage bookings with ease on Style & Smile software.

2 Appointment reminder & notifications

Set it up once and forget forever

With our automated email appointment reminders, you will be able to send clients a quick reminder of their appointment before coming to your salon or spa. Your customer will appreciate the reminders they will get it from you. We provide effective email notification feature so that you will be updated constantly about your registration, service booking etc.

3 Always online

Always Available

Let your clients know you are available to be booked online. Stay connected 24/7 with your clients. Set a cancellation policy to protect yourself from no-shows.

4 Unlimited access

Unlimited services

Add as many employees, software users, clients, bills, and products. We don’t have any limit amount or number of entries you make in our software. Include as much as services you offer. You can add services with by considering the variety of categories. Give detail about the products you offer. You would be able to give a detailed description of all individual services in Style & Smile software.

5 Boost your sale

Grow your business with us

Everyone loves discounts! Create coupons, gift cards, and special packages. Give special discounts to your customers to boost your sale. You can generate codes for packages. Your clients will use codes while making an appointment.

6 Photos

Add photos to attract your customers. Add photos of before/after, treatment photos etc.

7 Billing

Get instantly paid for your services through our easy payment processors. You can control the payments of the services and create tickets right from the calendar. You can print bill directly from the invoice dashboard.  We offer a full range of payment processors including – PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay.

8 Customer tracking

You will have a complete list of your customers with their contact detail. You will have full control of all your clients, both the ones who make an online booking and the ones you enter manually on your calendar. Knowing your customers is one click away.


9 Reviews & Feedback

We provide rating tools for customers to give feedback on your services. You can gather reviews from your customers to improve your services. Increase your customer’s loyalty with ratings and reviews. You can edit and delete reviews and rating if any inappropriate reviews are affecting your market.


10 Reporting

Track your progress with our easy to use reporting feature. We make it simple to track your cash flow, identify your strengths and weaknesses. Find out the profitability of your salon or spa. Improve the way you work and grow your business with us.


11 Mobile App

Attract your customers and boost your sell by giving them the opportunity to book appointments from their mobile device. Customers will love the experience of accessing your app anywhere – anytime.


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