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Android App Development

High class Android Application Development | Make your
Android Applications an Authority in Play Store.

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Android application development

High class Android Application Development | Make your Android Applications an Authority in Play Store.

We Believe in Providing Exceptional Android Application Development Services.
Behind us, there are exceptionally talented Coder12895 who are expert in Developing Android Applications from decades. We didn’t build our brand yesterday; it took us years of creativity and mindfulness to build Android Applications.
The trust behind our Application development makes us feel superior. We fight hard to develop Android Application that gets results and installs from the users and businesses from Play store.

Let your application float on Big Screen Smart TVs!

The applications we create are not restricted to just your smartphones. Truly, you have read it right. You can use your application even in your Android Smart TV. We at Coder12895 cover the android application development from Android wear to Smartphones and take it to the Android savvy TV. Our group comprises of guaranteed Quality Assurance Experts who will make a special effort to guarantee error-free application improvement.
At coder12895 we have hand-picked superior developers who are skilled at Android application development on mobile. We strive to build robust and spectacular application which will get out of our Android Factory when it is Rigorously tested on multiple systems. Our Android geeks exceed expectations in Native Android Mobile App Development known to bring about Android applications that are renowned for their vigorous code, breath-taking plans, responsiveness, versatility and blunder free working.
Sometimes, it gets tougher to solve problems but A true geek never gives up regardless of how hard the issue scales. At coder12895 our Android Application Geeks will help you achieve your mission by proving the featureful application:


  • Android Application Specific attractive UI/UX Design
  • Android Application Reconstruction and Redesign
  • Android Application Module creation
  • Complete Android application maintenance and support

Coder12895’s Android Development Workflow:

  • Initial Stage
    • Research
    • Technical
    • Application monetary conversion
    • Need analysis
  • Application UI/UX Design
    • Conceptual research
    • Idea on paper
    • Application framing
    • Macro-micro interaction
  • Architecture
    • Module structuring
    • Framework building
    • UI, Database and Network layer
  • Initial launch
    • Constant integration
    • Release of Ad-Hoc
    • Feedback chain
  • Quality Assurance
    • Utility integration
    • Performance testing on live devices
  • QA & Development
    • Function
    • Integration
    • Performance testing
    • Frontend and Code review
  • Play store Application submission
    • Submission, and Enterprise distribution
    • Approval of post
  • Publishing Application
    • Analytics
    • Engagement support
    • Application marketing support and optimization

Technology Stack

Your idea, Our solution. When you share your idea, we create a technical insight and make a list of technologies we will be used just for your Android application. The most important part of application development is to research the  Tools and Technologies  to that particular application development. It is a crucial part of entire development process.
Design | Programming Language | Application Testing | Database engine | OS
Developing Android applications are becoming an ideal part of Businesses for many years. Users are becoming mobile-centric day by day hence, clean and user-oriented applications are vital to scale your business and make your audiences engaged on a superior level.
Increase your user-base and business revenue by Requesting us a Quote today.