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On-Demand Laundry App for your Cloths

In today’s hectic lifestyle, Laundry is considered one of the most time taking jobs which can affect your productivity. To wash some clothes we need to take the time of our schedule to complete the chores. It gets inconvenient for people with an extremely busy schedule.

Importantly, the traditional idea of using washing machine could not be able to offer that much advantages as Laundry Mobile App does. Investing your time and efforts to do the laundry does not seem to be the most effective idea.

Therefore, On-demand Laundry Mobile will be ideal to serve your needs and wants without fritter away your time too much. The concept of Laundry View Mobile App is adapted to benefit Users as well as Businesses to open Laundry stores.

Let’s see the 4 Easy Steps of using Laundry mobile app:

  • Just gather around your laundry clothes
  • Pickup service from your location
  • Wash and Clean the cloths
  • Deliver freshly washed clean and folded clothes

Now, you can just open up your App Book your Pick up and Drop timings and go on with your task. No need to worry about maintaining cloths.

Laundry mobile app will be divided into three sections

1. Complete User Panel

  • Users are allowed to register with their number and email address.
  • They can see nearby laundry serviceand then select type and check prices as well.
  • Sending request Tracking laundry and Order status are also core parts of features.
  • Discounts Referral and Payment methods are included in the application for easy transaction.

2. Service provider panel

  • By Signup and Logging in service provider can View
  • Manage profile as well as manage laundry charges.
  • Viewing order request and history will allow the provider to see and accept/reject the orders.
  • Review and Rating management and Discounts management also comes under service provider panel.

3. Classy Admin panel

  • The entire management part comes under the Admin section
  • Laundry App and User management get controlled from the admin section.
  • Managing commission payment management and content management also are the core parts which Admin handles

Advance features of Laundry Application

Laundry App offers advanced features in the application which are ought to discuss

  • Push Notification:

To keep the users engaged it is must to offer the latest updates and messages about application service, as well as ask them about suggestions to improve Laundry App functionality.

  • Messaging feature:

Now, communicating with laundry support has become easier. Since the user only needs to open up messenger in the application and directly message them up directly.

  • Distinct payment:

The application allows to pay from different payment method other than Credit and Debit card and use different transaction mode.

  • Payment option:

Payment API has been integrated with laundry application to ease up the transaction process. Now users can make payment using COD, or by Card.

  • Single-Tap Pickup:

Single tap pickup option allows the user to tweak their previously made request and order directly via the app. That saves up user’s time as well as makes it easier for the user to book a laundry.

Power Packed Tech Stack

Building up a rock solid Laundry mobile app which will Wash Old Technologies Out and Iron The New Ones should be user-focused and allow to ease up the easy functioning of Laundry App. We are in the ground of vigorous competition where every app developer is determined to offer some unique and provide latest Technical inputs. Let us see what those latest Tech Stacks are:

Audio QR – Google Tez

Push Notifications – Twilio,

SMS, Voice and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio

Payments – Braintree & PayPal , Stripe, EWallets

Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration

Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure

Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

Navigation – Google Map

Entire Laundry App Development Process

  • Plan – Define and Research
  • Design – Visualization
  • Construct – Development Phase
  • Beta Testing – Train and Testing
  • Going Live – Final Launch
  • Super Fast Support – Observe, Filter, Asses

Here is what you should know before jumping into developing Laundry Mobile Application:

App development is a wide concept and it takes years to professionals like us to prove our worth. Coder12895 is developing applications from almost a decade therefore; we know how much efforts and spending up hours to research about a certain problems are worth.

Let us talk about the time consumption of App development:

  • Android and iOS app design would take 130 – 180 hours.
  • The development hours for iOS can exceed up to 750 hours while for the Android it can incline up to 700 hours.
  • The development of the backend infrastructure can take up to 180-200 hours.
  • The Admin panel Engineering can take up to 60 hours.

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